Behind the scenes

February 28, 2009 by

Y Vote in Munich is over. But don’t worry! The Y Vote spirit continues: Ljubljana is the next stop. For us here in Munich the next days are recovering and making our homework.

We have unfortunately had no time for blogging during the conference. But you will get the follow-up posts here the next days. We will start with a video about “behind the scenes”

Every good conference has to be planned and organized. But it didnt go without problems of course – check it out.


Conference starts!

February 22, 2009 by

Finally, we started our Y Vote Conference on Creativity! Participants arrived one by one and joined our Party at the Haus International.

The first material from the opening ceremony and the speech delivered by “Connecting to Earth”

Today, we officially opened the conference. Georg Rehberger, President of AEGEE München started by welcoming the participants.


He spoke about why Munich is the right destination for your journey and what makes creative people creative. We all are creative, every single one of us. We are transcending borders and barriers, solving conflicts and gaining new perspectives from different regions of Europe. Creativity is inspiring, Rehberger said, and so are we.


Dragan Stojanovski, President of AEGEE Europe talked about the importance of the EU and that everybody should take his and her right to vote seriously. He explained where the EU affects our daily lives. He and Veronika Braun, Conference Manager of Y Vote Europe introduced in the Idea of Y Vote. Especially the young voters, many for the first time, should go and make their voices heard.


Other guests like Kadri Kalle from the Project “Sustaining our Future” and Ben Vanpaeperstrete said heartwarming and inspiring words.

Patron for our conference: Lord Mayor of Munich

January 22, 2009 by

Lord Mayor Christian Ude

We have from this date a great patron for our conference: the Lord Mayor of Munich, Dr. Christian Ude!

We are very happy that Dr. Ude will be our patron. Thank you!

Update (24.01.): We have the programme for the conference for you to download as PDF!

BIG update – conference programme online

January 21, 2009 by

We made a big update today: Now we have the

online! Check it out!

Why do we organize a conference about Creativity?

The modern world puts emphasis on better use of knowledge and rapid innovation. It therefore requires a broadening of the creative skills base involving the whole population. In particular, there is a need for skills and competences that enable people to embrace change as an opportunity and to be open to new ideas in a culturally diverse, knowledge-based society.
Creativity in general implies that a wide range of knowledge can provide the basis for innovation. Innovation requires successful realization of new ideas coming from a variety of domains, and is also essential in economic fields.
Members of the European Parliament and the Ministers of Education and Higher Education have often stressed the importance of finding a balance between the requirements of the economic world and the broad cultural dimension of education, which more than ever seems to be an area of conflict, therefore they agreed to proclaim 2009 the ” European Year of Creativity and Innovation”.

Applications open!

January 8, 2009 by

…for our Youth Conference:
Y Vote on Creativity 21.2.-27.2.2009

Do you want to share unbelievable experiences with more than 40 participants?
Do you want to…
– know more about Creativity and Europe?
– help to shape the creative future?
– get to know Germany’s moste beautiful city?

Then do not hesitate:
Apply NOW!
(Note: Application only possible for AEGEE members)

Fee is 70 Euro for 7 days.
It includes almost everything: Hostel, meals, transportation, stuff for working, equipment…
We even pay you 70% of your travel costs. Right, 70%!!
Interested? Do check out our

Promo Slideshow

(To download it or view it on original site: Go here)

New Board of AEGEE München

December 18, 2008 by

Our last statutory meeting was held on 9th of December 2008 and we now have new board positions.  Many of the team are already involved in the Y Vote project.  We are all hard workers and are sure of one thing:  it’s going to be great! For more info check out

We are feeling the Y Vote spirit - but Y?

We are feeling the Y Vote spirit - but Y?

The new Y Vote team in Munich

December 11, 2008 by
We are working so hard, my head is blurred...

We are working so hard, my head is blurred...

The Y Vote Team for Munich has come together.  The positions are:

  • Milan, main coordinator
  • Marc and Kate, incoming
  • Franzi, programme
  • Mücahit, logistics
  • Osama, social programme
  • Torsten, finances&budget
  • Marcus, fundraising
  • Georg, public relations

Meetings are held every thursday, 7pm (19:00h) in our AEGEE-München Office.  For more information and map, visit:

Helpers are always welcome!

Planning stage

December 11, 2008 by

Our office is buzzing. The early stages of planning are complete.

The accommodation is sorted; the participants will be lodged at the Munich ‘Haus International’ which also offers a large, recently renovated conference hall for our talks and workshops. Curious? Click on the link “Haus International“. You can even do a virtual tour of the room right here!

At the moment, we are discussing the programme for February. Where would we be able to get good bavarian food at a reasonable price? Where could we go if it rains AND if the subways stop running?! So many questions!

You will be hearing from us  again very soon.  Vote Europe!